Connecting To A Medical Trial Can Lead To

Cutting Edge Treatment And Better Patient Outcomes

But There’s A Problem…
  • Your onboarding process is broken
  • Quality participants are hard to find
  • You don’t know the best places to post a trial
  • As a participant, you have no easy plan
  • Red tape is slowing you down
  • What you’ve tried so far isn’t working

Yaadi Clinical has everything that is needed
to connect researchers and participants in one place.
Get the access you need and get connected with our easy and streamlined process.



Find A Trial That Fits You

Yaadi Clinical partners with a variety of researchers to provide our community access to a diverse catalog of cutting edge medical treatments and groundbreaking discoveries. Get access to our trials and become a participant for one that fits you.

Need To Find Quality Participants?

Because of it’s ease of use and streamlined process,
Yaadi Clinical is becoming an industry standard for identifying qualified and vetted
participants for researchers.

Want To Get Paid For Making A Positive Change In The World?

Yaadi Clinical is always looking for advocates. It is our community of paid
organizational and everyday partners that make trial recruitment successful.
Let’s chat and see if we can continue to build a cohesive community
around clinical trials.



About Yaadi Clinical

Yaddi Clinical truly understands the old saying that
time is money. We know that trials can be costly if quality participants are not
found and the process is not streamlined. With over 10+ years in the software
and medical industries, through our proven network, evidence based research and
Hipaa compliant procedures. We deliver an easy to use and streamlined process
which leads to better connections and in turn lead to cost savings and successful trials.